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5 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

signs you are over your ex

Moving on after investing in a relationship may seem hard, but it’s possible to happily get over someone, in time. This is how to tell you have moved on

When it comes to the matters of the heart everyone has a story to share. Some chapters may be painful while others memorable. The yearning to love and being loved is the one thing we all have in common. Some people have been lucky to find true love but many of us have had to kiss so many frogs that the thought of falling in love again is frightening. It’s been more than a year since a friend of mine mourned the loss of her previous relationship and I am glad that she now seems happier and has become the great, positive company I have missed since she met her ex. After indulging in litres of ice cream, listening to sad break up songs with empty boxes of tissues piling up your bedroom and swearing that you won’t love again you do get over it somehow. And if you allow yourself to admit it you also do feel relieved that your ex is no longer in your life, especially if their company was too toxic for you. If you tick off these five signs below, you are over your ex:

Certain dates, as well as their birthdays no longer mean anything to you: Yes, we mean the date, time and place you first kissed, your anniversary or days you felt were significant for your relationship. If your heart no longer sinks when a certain day in a calendar reminds you of your ex it’s a good sign.

They are no longer the centre of your thoughts: Break ups are hard, especially if everything reminds you of your ex but if the image of their faces have faded from your thoughts, you can tick off the next box.

You are no longer resentful: It’s painful to realise that some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever and that can create a lot resentment, especially if your ex looks happy while you are drowning in misery. But you have sure moved on if your heart doesn’t throb painfully when you see them they do well in their lives or are with someone new.

You have either deleted or blocked them from your contact book or social media: There is nothing wrong with speaking with your ex, if you are in good terms and bump into each other. And if you also find nothing wrong with blocking unnecessary communication with your ex, who belongs to your past, it’s even better.

You are a stronger person and have learned something about yourself: Experiences are the best teachers, and some exes come into our lives to teach us who we are and the values we won’t settle down for. If you learned something about yourself from your past relationship, instead of putting the blame on the next person, it’s a positive sign that you are over your ex.

What signs showed that you are over your ex? We’d love to hear in the comments below



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