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The Kind Of People You Don’t Need in 2018 (and the rest of your life)

The kinds of people you don't need in 2018

There are certain things and especially people you need to let go of if peace and happiness is your priority this year. We have identified 5 kinds of people who top our list

While some relationships are great many result in a lot of pain, heartache, and stress. Have you been in the company of someone who drains not only your energy but your happiness and even bank balance? Such friends and even partners are called toxic people and they are wearisome. I remember listening to a motivational speaker and pastor on radio and he said something that I personally treasure and use to filter out certain people from my life. He mentioned that as long as some people are by your side you will experience the driest season in your life because they will make sure that you don’t enjoy the blessings that await you. Come to think of it, I know of people who lost really good partners because of social pressures, especially from their friends. One of the fastest ways to track where your life is heading is by being aware of the people who play a role in your life. So why keep people who blatantly make you feel guilty for the achievements that bring you closer to the success you are working hard for? I almost made the mistake of settling for less in my career ambitions to please a jealous ex-boyfriend. I suggest you don’t do the same. So take out your phone/ social media accounts and get ready to delete the following people in your contacts:

The Jealous Friend/Partner: If you always feel guilty about your success because your friends always complain about it. It’s time to meet people who will genuinely be happy for you and challenge you to reach new heights.

The abusive type: Such a person doesn’t deserve your tears nor are you their punching bag. If people hurt you emotionally or physically they are trying to drag you down to their level. Leave, because love is many things but painful.

The lazy one: It’s one thing to help a friend or a family member who sincerely needs it, but funding their lifestyle while they just chill the whole day is an unnecessary burden to carry. Run fast from people who mistake you for an atm or a free uber to their personal errands.

The bad-tempered person: If you feel like you are always walking on eggs around a person because you don’t know when or what will make them burst, just save yourself your peace of mind. Take it from me, they are not worth it.

The taleteller: There are people who naturally have the disability to keep secrets, I have experienced some of them. They aren’t necessarily bad people they just don’t know how to shut up! It’s a headache you really don’t want to cause. So delete any thoughts of sharing with them things you hold too sacred for the whole world to know.

Are there people you are considering leaving? Why?

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