7 Ways To Be Successful, According To An Expert

7 Ways To Be Successful, According To An Expert

Everyone wants to achieve success at some point in their lives. Thabang Tlaka shares seven practical ways you can be successful this year

As we begin a brand new week why not follow these seven steps to achieve your goals? According to clinical psychologist and author, Thabang Tlaka:


  • Find your why in life. Goals are easily met when one know why one started in the first places.

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  • We are always living in the now. Act now when an opportunity presents itself. Do today the things that can be done today. The things of today are not for tomorrow as tomorrow is not promised.
  • Learn the art of telling the truth to yourself, those around you and those who work with you. The truth is a constant and those who tell the truth are not confused by the shifting winds of time.
  • Decide what you would like written on your tombstone. This will help you keep the main things in focus. An eternal perspective will help one avoid temporarily distractions.
  • Remember to build a family. The family becomes important the older one gets. We will not be young forever. We will not be needed at the office forever. When people are summarizing their lives they do not really wish they had more time at the office – they wish they had made time for those they care about.
  • Do the things that scare you because it is when you face your fears that you grow the most.

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  • Cultivate the skill of thinking. Right thinking helps with making the right choices. Human beings are ultimately the summary of yesterday’s choices.


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