5 Ways To Overcome Stress When Climbing The Success Ladder

5 Ways To Overcome Stress When Climbing The Success Ladder

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Chasing your dreams will never be a smooth sail and it involves a lot of stress. Here are ways to overcome stress when climbing the success ladder


With the demands and pressure to achieve our goals weighing us down, it’s easy to lose focus and feel helpless. Paint this scenario in your head: Your friends are married. Check. They are slaying their dream careers. Check. Oh, and they are posting selfies at vacations on social media. Check. Depressing isn’t it? Especially if you feel like life seems to favour everyone else except you. No matter how much we may map out the direction we want our lives to steer into or try to have everything under control things do, sometimes take a different, unexpected or even a disappointing turn. Whatever situation that seems unbearable right now, from a bad breakup, being swamped at work, being a breadwinner or having doors shut in your face is a temporary phase that can trigger a lot of stress. The only thing you are in full control of is how you react to any situation you face. Below are the ways I try to manage my stress in my journey:

Pray: We are all spiritual beings who use different ways of connecting with the Higher being. To me, it is God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I always make time to ask for God’s guidance in everything that I am going through. I go through moments when I feel He is distant but He always answers with blessings beyond my expectations. How do I know this, by looking back and realise how far I’ve come.

Find inspiration: Read motivational books and biographies of successful people you look up to. You will find that they also went through a lot of challenges and failures. Find inspiration from their resilience that got them to where they are now.

Laugh out Loud: I am a sucker for comedy because it always elevates my mood. Spend at least five minutes on YouTube listening to the crazy things your favourite comedians have to say. Or better, don’t’ take yourself too seriously. At times, the world doesn’t too. There are elements of humour in our everyday experiences. Try and tap into them.

Let go: Release the pain, frustration and hurt that comes with the challenges you are going through by focusing your thoughts on what makes you happier. Let God take care of the rest and try to live life to the full. None of it may be easy, but one day you will look back and say all of it was worthwhile.

How do you deal with stress in your own journey to success? 

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