Glamour Deleted Instagram Photos

Wait, Why? GLAMOUR Has Just Deleted All of Its Instagram Photos

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Okay, we didn’t see this one coming. One of South Africa’s much-loved magazines, Glamour, has deleted all of it’s Instagram Photos and the team is killing us with suspicion

No, your eyes haven’t played tricks on you, GLAMOUR South Africa magazine has just deleted all of its Instagram pictures, we mean all, and we don’t know why. It’s a bold move from the brand, and we wonder what’s going on. The brand has a new Editor-in-Chief, Asanda Sizani, who is the first black and youngest editor for the title since it launched in South Africa 14 years ago.

In an age where brands are obsessing over followers, likes, and regrams, is GLAMOUR shutting down its page or maybe just rebranding? No one at GLAMOUR can answer this as both Asanda and her team remains mum on what’s next. Is this radical move a symbolic new beginning? To wipe the slate clean and start over? Only time will tell.

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