Survival Guide To Your First Date

Survival Guide To Your First Date

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Meeting someone new is a great experience, especially if they took things further by asking you out on a date. First dates can be quite intimidating, but use our guide to make yours a great experience

Nothing beats the feeling of having your eyes and vibe being magnetic to each other on an unexpected day. You suddenly find yourselves close to each other and making light conversations. He asks you that much question, and you agree nonchalantly to go out on a first date. After all excitement, you eventually panic and all sorts question flood your mind from your outfit to whether you will click. It’s normal to panic, but don’t let that ruin a great time with your potential. And if you must know, he’s also sweating as much as you are. These are our survival tips to enjoying your first date:

Be open minded: and don’t carry a list of unreasonable expectations. Let things flow and be mentally prepared that your date could go either way. Remember that your date is also human and if you are lucky enough might show his real character. The ball will be in your court as to whether you click or clash.

Dress to kill, but remember to be comfortable: No matter how the date will turn out, at least leave a lingering impression on him. Depending on where you will spend time together, opt for a look that you will feel both sexy and comfortable in.

Prepare a few questions: No, not like the ones you prepare for a job interview, nor the ones which are conventional on first dates. If you really want to get to know your potential partner ask unexpected questions and observe his reactions. Often, if someone sees you in their long term picture they won’t make you feel like a detective. Ask questions like what his fears are, how his family would describe him in a few words or his views on certain social issues.

Don’t overthink it: And the best way to do that is to be yourself. You might have habits that even your best friends caution you against, don’t drive him away with them. No matter your personality be considerate as well, as much as you would expect him to be.

Most importantly, have fun: Dates don’t come often so make the most of it. If it leads to a relationship, it’s great that you started off on a good note. Right?

How do you prepare for a first date?



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