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My Journey To Success With Musician and Businessman JR

My Journey To Success With Musician and Businessman JR

Renowned musician, businessman and Idols SA judge JR Bogopa is hard at work building a lasting legacy. He gives us a view of success from his lens and shares his tips

JR Bogopa and Chris Ghelakis have announced the successful completion of their partnership. The two record companies, Feel Good Music, founded by JR and legendary record company, CSR Records, founded by Chris Ghelakis, will now operate under the new banner Feel Good CSR.

The two companies collectively own hold some of South Africa’s most significant copyrights, including Kabelo Mabalane, TK, Twistyle, Mdu Masilela, Teargas, Shane Eagle, DBN Gogo, Yanga Chief, Beyond Vocal, and Jobe London, to name a few. The merger brings together the unique strengths of both companies, creating a more comprehensive and dynamic record label that will have a significant impact on the South African music industry. He tells us more:

Share with us the experiences that piqued your interest and made you decide to make a career in the entertainment industry.
I’ve always loved the arts since childhood. Whether it was miming to Michael Jackson songs or fake acting, it’s always been a love. So the move to be in entertainment was an easy one to make. But with that said, I’m in love with all aspects of the entertainment industry and my keenness to learn all the touch points, that motivates me to continue giving it the attention I do.
What inspires the music that you make?
I haven’t personally made my own music since 2018 probably, but I produce quite often and seeing how artists I produce interpret what I think inspires me to continue.
You have been in the entertainment industry for almost 15 years. What have been the highlights and challenges you have experienced?
Sixteen years actually, but who’s counting, haha. Like most artists, there’s always a story to tell about the industry, but those stories I put into my music, that’s my therapy and my outlet, so I guess a lot of my ups and downs exist in the songs. But meeting great artists, learning the business and making great music has always been my highlight. As for challenges, those are more a chance to learn and adapt to my highlights.
If you could, what would you change about your industry, especially for artists?
I would equip the artists with an urge to learn the game. The industry is ever changing but also requires diligence and an open mind. Research and learn. Once you understand, execute.

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What is your definition of success, and do you feel you have achieved it?
My success is a personal journey that might bore many, but the milestones I set are based on personal achievement, like the ability to raise my children well and with copious amounts of love, is one of my successes which might be trivial to others.
Tell us about your recent move to merge with CSR Records. What sparked the decision, and how do you entail using the partnership to reach your musical and entrepreneurial goals?
Well, myself and Chris had been in business since 2008. CSR is actually the label that first signed me as a new artist back then. So over the past three years, we had spoken about finding ways to work together, but the opportunity had never fully presented itself until last year. The aim of the partnership is to create a company that gives artists a leg up to full creative control. The journey should be long, but many artists aren’t focused on building careers, only moments, so the aim is to create sustainable careers and give a springboard to a fruitful future.
As a judge for Idols SA, what character or attitude do you look out for when seeing one’s potential for success in the music industry?
More than anything, work ethic. Talent alone won’t get you far, the ability to outwork your peers will.
Apart from your career, what keeps you busy and fulfilled?
My family and businesses are my lifelines. Simple and short.
Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?
Stay hungry, stay focused, stay true. It’s 10% talent and 90% hard work.

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