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My Journey To Success With Award-Winning Singer Rowlene


Rowlene has emerged from a two-year hiatus with her latest single “Would You Like That”. She tells us more and gives her success tips

Share with us what inspired you to branch into music as a career.

Music is something that has and always will be a feeling that transcends through time. Growing up in a below-middle-class community, it was challenging when my dad, who became paralysed and wheelchair-bound, had to stay at home. Even then, he taught me the lessons of dreaming big and never giving up. We were always intensely close; however, we connected even more through his ever-growing CD cabinet and vinyls. I found myself singing to random things to pass time. I was only five, but even then I always felt mystical and as if my body was just floating above ground when I sang – a feeling that’s inexplicable but really the main reason I chose to stick it out in the music industry. The way music feels when it travels through my body and just always having faith is the only inspiration I ever needed to keep up the hustle.

Which artists, locally and internationally, inspired the music you make?

 Locally, I’m inspired by Brenda Fassie and Jimmy Nevis. Internationally, Luther Vandross, Brandy, Stevie Wonder, Rihanna and MJ are some of my favourites.

How did Covid-19 and the lockdown impact you as an artist and especially mentally?

It impacted me in a somewhat positive way because it pushed me to be more hands-on and proactive holistically. I managed to record and release my debut album shortly after the pandemic and just became way more intentional about every single thing I did going forward. After all, the time we have is borrowed and we need to make the most of it.

What inspired your new single, Would You Like That?

I wanted to push the boundaries and continue to grow my sound melodically and lyrically. It’s beyond the typical Sunday night Rowlene and a little more playful.

What can fans expect from your upcoming EP?

It’s something I had the opportunity to make in London during my time off from music, ironically. It’s filled with geniuses and collaborations I know will transcend with time.

You also plan on doing international collaborations while in LA. Who would you like or are planning to collaborate with?

I’m planning to work with a couple of producers and a few artists I’ve linked with via social media. I don’t really have anyone I specifically want to work with because a lot of the great things I’ve done have appeared and presented themselves naturally. So, I don’t really want to get in the way of what God has planned for me.

What is your definition of success and do you feel you have achieved it?

Being able to look back on the day and actually be grateful and proud of taking one step closer to my dreams of being a superstar, no matter how little. It’s really all about the legacy you leave behind and that’s something I’m building, one brick at a time.

Apart from making music, what keeps you busy?

I have a new found love for travelling and composing. It has really pushed me to be a better artist. I get to experience new things and meet new people who already play significant roles.

Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?

Your perception can literally alter and define your reality, so be sure you educate yourself on the things you wish to become. Understand yourself and push yourself to the best of your ability or you’ll just get twisted in other people’s narrative and get pushed around if you don’t stand up for yourself.

Listen to “Would You Like That” here:

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TikTok: @Rowlene_SA
Youtube: Rowlene

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