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Mathapelo Pitse Steps Into Success With Her Shoe Brand J’adore D’amour

Mathapelo Pitse

With passion and luxury retail experience on her résumé, Mathapelo Pitse is slowly making her mark in the shoe industry. She tells us more about her shoe brand

Share with us some of the career roles that shaped you into a businesswoman?

I have thirteen years’ experience in luxury corporate retail and gained skills in sales, business development, business expansion and customer relations. I also owned a catering business, which I later sold to a friend of mine. These key aspects and experiences were essential in the founding and management of my brand.

How was the transition from having a job and to starting and owning a business?

The end goal was to always be proactive from working 9-5 to owning my own business. I didn’t really have a tough time transitioning into business because I’ve always had the passion and drive of being a business owner. Entrepreneurship needs time, hard work and dedication, and to always have room for disappointments and improvements.

Tell us the meaning behind your brand name, J’adore D’amour, why did you choose the luxury space and why shoes specifically?

J’ADORE D’AMOUR means ‘I love LOVE’ in French and it truly defines the romantic feel of the brand. Everything that I do represents who I am so I make sure that I leave a sparkle of love at all times. My love for shoes sparked at a very early stage and I’ve always gravitated to heels, besides that, they are more fun to design. I can represent my style artistically and they bring out the feminine and stylish side of me.

How big is your team and describe your management style

My team is an all-girl group that comes from different backgrounds and ages. There are eight of us in total and they all head their own departments. I allow everyone to take charge of their workflow and we’re doing well. We have weekly meetings and communicate almost every day to make sure that things run smoothly. We’re like a family and really get along with each other.

What is your definition of success and do you feel you have achieved it?

How I would define success is making sure that I produce and deliver quality products for my clients. Achieving every good outcome of a product, review, exposure and fully operating a business measures success to me. It shows that we’re heading in the right direction and encourages us to push harder.

Lastly, what are your success tips for young people who want to start their own businesses, especially in the era of lockdowns and constant load shedding?

You must always have the passion and drive to chase your dreams. A lot has happened in a very short space and we’ve been faced with overwhelming experiences. Like I always say, everything starts with an idea and the rest will follow. All you have to do is remain consistent and you will reach your end goals.

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