6 Things To Let Go Off In 2022 And Beyond

6 Things To Let Go Of In 2022 And Beyond

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The new year brings with it a sense of a new beginning and hope. To enjoy what the year 2022 has to offer, let go of these six things

Instead of making unrealistic new year’s resolutions like vowing to never swear or eat junk food again, which never really happens, take this first month of the new year to reflect on what made the previous year awful and how you want this year to be like for you. Here are six things we recommend you let go of to savour every moment of 2022:

  • Let go of anything or anyone toxic: there’s always that person whose aura is so heavy and attitude so negative that you end up drained when you are in the presence. These are the jealous and narcissistic types who find delight in other people’s misery, so much so that they stir drama to cause pain. Whether it’s your family member, friend, partner or even colleague, it’s time to spring clean your contact book and let go of such people.
  • Dwelling in the past: often, many of us waste precious time dwelling on past mistakes and pain, which robs us of our happiness. Today will never return once it’s gone, so we need to make every moment count. It’s time to forgive yourself and learn from the past to live a better and more fulfilling life this year.
  • Wanting to please others: many people, including myself, often have the abantu basothini (what will people say) syndrome. Worse, others even sacrifice their values, time, resources and finances to please others. Make a commitment this year to stop allowing yourself to be used by people and do what makes you happy.
  • Comparing yourself with other people: what I have experienced with this habit is that it often breeds jealousy, self-doubt, low self-esteem and even desperation. While other people’s success and happy seasons should help motivate and inspire us to do better, constantly focusing on other people’s lanes to measure your own worth can set you back. Rather, focus on your journey and goals because as American author Mark Twain once said, “Comparison is the death of joy.”
  • Playing the blame game: I know and chose to distance myself from someone who blamed everyone else other than herself for problems or things not going her way. She never apologises and plays the victim game in every situation. It’s so annoying being around such people. Taking accountability for your actions is an important start to mending the situation and relationships that break down as a result of misunderstandings. There is a difference between standing up for yourself and blaming others, knowing the difference can go a long way.
  • Bad financial habits: while joblessness and shrinking salaries are making it hard to financially take care of ourselves and loved ones, let alone save, not knowing how and where you spend your money is room for disaster. Draw up a budget or record how you spend your money, this will give you an indication on where your money goes, and where you need to cut back so that you can put a portion of your salary away into a savings or investment account.



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