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Yes, You Can Buy Petrol With Your App. Founder Explains How

Yes, You Can Buy Petrol With Your App. Founder Explains How

Yes, You Can Buy Petrol With Your App. Founder Explains HowBusinessman Lubabalo Nojiwa shares his entrepreneurship journey, the inspiration behind his app Fula and his success tips 

Take us back to your childhood career or business aspirations, what inspired them?

I have always wanted to make a difference, I have travelled to places that enriched my mind in business, which is where I drew my aspirations from.
You hold a bachelor of architecture, what sparked an interest in that field?
I always wanted to make a difference, to change the world in some better way. My interest in architecture came from my love of the fine arts. The natural progression for me was that I enjoy building things.

Tell us about your app Fula, what is the meaning behind the name and what inspired creating this app?
Fula mobile delivery is an on-demand delivery platform that aims to bring convenience to our customers. No real meaning for the name, it’s just a combination of things and just wordplay.
Your partnership with fuel garages is unique, share how the partnership came about and how has it been received so far by the public?
The garages or fuel stations sign up individually on Fula and I suppose this is because of a shared vision. Fuel stations get to expose their products and specials to a wider audience and also to bring convenience to their customers. The adoption is still very slow, but then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
How much does the app cost to download or have?
Fula mobile is a free app for both users and outlets to get on.
Share with us how your day looks like, especially a busy one
A busy day is me on the phone with operators making sure that customers receive their orders, in a good condition and with no misunderstanding.
From your personal experience, what are the misconceptions of entrepreneurship and what’s fulfilling about it?
Misconceptions about entrepreneurship is that it is glamorous and almost celebrity-like. On the contrary, it comes with sleepless nights, self-doubt (sometimes), depression, anxiety and and and… But once you stay the route, these all change to something else and if you are lucky, you may just see the light.
How big is your team and how is your management style?
Fula mobile has eight members and my management style is that I am easy but results-driven and solutions-driven.
Do you have a mentor, why or why not? What role do you believe mentors play in the success of others?
I had a mentor when I was much younger and starting out in my early twenties and believe mentorship is a fantastic thing. But, I also believe don’t mentor if you aren’t the right fit because mentorship is the foundation and the beginning of a great journey ahead.
What is your definition of success and do you feel you have achieved it?
Success isn’t a destination but a journey, so my mentor used to say. I don’t think I fit the definition of success, but I am on the journey indeed.
What are your short-term and long-term goals for the app, as well as your business venture?
My short-term goal is for the app to be well functional. My long-term goal is for users to buy into my product no matter how big or small.
Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?
I would say keep dreaming and just wake up at some stage.

More about Fula mobile app

Fula Mobile app is a fast, efficient and reliable app that delivers fuel, food and other necessities, such as charcoal, ice, pies and sanitary pads directly to your door from the garage. Fula Mobile has partnered with the most well-known fuel stations such as Engen, BP and Caltex.

It has also partnered with some of the most popular fast-food restaurants and convenience stores such as Gemeli, Chicken Licken, Monaka Coffee, Kota King, Soweto Pizza Company and the fresh new skincare products called Alicia Skin Care Solution.

Fula Mobile app is already functional and available for downloads on smartphones and on platforms such as the App store and Google play store. Fula Mobile app was developed by Lubabalo Nojiwa who is the founder and CEO of the app and in partnership with Anele Mdoda.

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