An Expert's Tips To Make Your CV Stand Out During These Tough Times

An Expert’s Tips To Make Your CV Stand Out During These Tough Times

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The shrinking economy coupled with the global Covid-19 pandemic has made finding a job very hard. Here are three tips from an HR specialist to make your CV stand out

In case you haven’t heard, it is reported that South Africa’s unemployment rate is now the highest in the world. Statistics South Africa released its findings recently that the unemployment rate rose to 34.4%  from 32.6% reported in March this year. Now, add the daily spikes in Covid-19 infections in the country that might put pressure on the government to tighten lockdown restrictions, as well as other socio-economic factors that affect the youth in particular. We are living in tough times, and things aren’t getting easier. Looking for a job can be emotionally and psycholigically draining, and many financial experts are even recommending that people find alternative ways of making money, like direct selling and freelancing. If, however, you still want to be in the formal job market, then don’t give up job hunting. It’s not easy for everyone applying for jobs currently. The good news is that you can find ways to make your CV stand out and be attractive to recruiters. Hellen Lebone, the regional HR director of Africa & Indian Ocean for Hilton Hotels, shares these top three jobs:

  • A CV should be short enough to make the hiring manager want to call you for an interview to ask you more questions, but long enough to cover all your key experiences and skills. Long CVs are a no-no!
  • Hiring personnel appreciate a CV that has a covering letter that gives a summarised version of experiences, skills and aspirations. It shows them that one has gone an extra mile in putting together their application.
  • In this day and age of selfies and social media, it does not hurt to put a professional photo on a CV. It gives recruiters a sense of what the person looks like as they peruse their resume.

With these tips in mind, also make sure that you tailor-make your CV for a specific job you are looking for instead of going for the one-size-fits-all route. It might seem like a daunting task, but it is worth it in the end as it puts you a step ahead of other job seekers. Good luck in your job-hunting journey.

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