5 Tips To Make Your Home Office #Workcation Goals

5 Tips To Make Your Home Office #Workcation Goals

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to work virtually and at home. If you are one of them, use these five tips to turn your home office into a work haven

Working from home has its many perks, like saving fuel costs and setting your own pace as long as you meet your deadlines. However, it can leave little or no inspiration to be as productive as you would be in the workplace. Here are a few tips to transform your home office into a #workcation haven:

Cleanliness is key: Be strict about which room (hopefully a spare room that is not used regularly) you will utilise to do your work. As much as each room in your home has its role, treat your home office as such. To avoid distractions, keep it clean as it will give it a spacious feel.

Invest in office furniture and accessories: You don’t have to break your bank balance to have a decent home office. A simple desk and chair are the main necessities you need. Your preference will depend not only on your budget but also on the aesthetic feel you want in your home office. For a traditional, warm feel, you can opt for wooden furniture and add a bit of glamour, modern twist, or fun elements, like paintings on the wall, artistic pieces, or metallic accessories.

Make use of natural lighting: Nothing screams depression like a cold, dark, lifeless corner even children don’t want to be in. Opt for a room that has as much natural lighting as possible and position your desk to something interesting you can view. Maybe the garden if you have a window or a painting or your vision board if your room doesn’t have a window. If your walls are not bright, then have lamp lights for tasks you might temporarily need lighting for (we need to save energy or make room for load-shedding).

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Make your office cozy and homely: You don’t have to be too sterile to spark productivity at home. Yes, you are working at home, but remember the family photo frames and personalised accessories you displayed in your work office? Your home office is also a perfect place to add that personal touch, like candles, family photos, and flowers.

Make shelves your best friend: You might have books, files and other essentials that are important for your work. To avoid cluttering your space, make use of shelves to neatly store them. Oh, placing decorative items can add an appealing look to your shelf as well.

How do you make your home office work for you? Share in the comments below.


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