5 Ways To Make Your Home Study-Friendly To Prepare For Exams

5 Ways To Make Your Home Study-Friendly To Prepare For Exams

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For many students, mid-year exams are underway and many will find themselves working online. Here are five way to make your home study-friendly to prepare for exams

The virtual world is where many workers and students found themselves during lockdown. With this said, many students have to prepare for mid-year exams. Here are tips to prepare for exams at home:

Prepare your study material: Find a room in your home, maybe your bedroom, and keep all your stationery in one place. Make sure to keep your study place clean and neat as that will help create a friendly environment to study.

Do not disturb sign: Some family members may find it difficult to understand that even though you are at home you might be very busy with work or trying to study for exams. You might be distracted by your children, or your mom wanting to send you to the mall or run some errands. You need to maintain boundaries and make them understand that at a certain time during the day you need to work and prepare for exams. Make a do-not-disturb sign and place it on your door while you work so your family knows they have to respect your space.

Keep in touch with your study group and your lecturers: Many universities and tertiaries created online platforms to keep in touch with students, and have even partnered up with cellphone companies to assist with data. Take advantage of the help your varsity is offering you and keep in touch with your fellow students and lecturers on what you need help with academically.

Create a timetable and have a timer: You might have more than one module to study, so it’s important to be disciplined in time management. Dedicate an equal amount of time per subject, according to the timetable you made, and remember to rest in between.

Have enough rest and eat nutritional meals: We all understand the importance of working hard to succeed in our goals, but it’s is just as important to rest and eat healthily so our bodies and minds can have the strength needed to tackle exams. Don’t be too hard on yourself, do your best, have some rest, and ace that test.

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