6 Ways To Get Back On Track After Disappointing Matric Results

6 Ways To Get Back On Track After Disappointing Matric Results

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The matric class of 2019 who failed or didn’t get the results they needed to pursue their chosen field of study should not despair. Here are 4 options for you this year:

We have all been there. Waiting anxiously for our matric results. It’s a life-changing experience that paves the way to the future you want for yourself. Nevertheless, not passing matric is not the end of the road.  You can rectify the situation and still pursue your professional dreams down the line, even if it is a little later than you had hoped. Here are four ways to do that:


You may opt to redo your entire year so that you can improve all your marks. This is a good option if you did not perform well enough to qualify for studying towards their your qualification.

 Remember, if your marks increase, your admission point score will also increase. If the thought of returning to your old school is too intimidating, look into the option of completing matric through a registered and accredited private institution, but be sure to select one with a reputation for academic excellence as a result of its commitment to assisting learners with improving their results.


If you only need higher marks in some subjects, you do not need to redo all of your subjects. Instead, you can enrol on a part-time basis for 1-6 subjects.

 Good institutions will assist you with making decisions about the best course of action. For instance, they may look at your results and then identify if there isn’t an extra subject that you can redo to increase your overall marks.


This is an option, but one that should be considered carefully. Because you won’t be attending any formal classes to help you overcome the challenges which led to the disappointing results in the first place, you need to be extremely self-disciplined and focused to make this option work. It can be done, but be sure that you are 100% committed when going this route.


Another option is to do a bridging course through a tertiary institution. Be careful to ensure that the bridging course will provide access to your preferred degree down the line, by speaking to a student advisor at the institution.

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Words: Horace Mpanza, MD of ADvTECH Schools’ Abbotts College High School.

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