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The Types of Attitudes That Kill Your Career

Common Mistakes You Might Be Making When Job Hunting

We all get bad days at work, but there are some attitudes that kill your career and growth opportunities. Make sure you avoid them at all costs

How you present yourself can either be magnetic or uninviting to your colleagues and your bosses. There are some colleagues who are a big headache and are a nightmare to work with. We just hope you are not one of them. But on a more serious note, any industry you find yourself in is very small and you wouldn’t want to kill your reputation by how you treat others at work. If you have the following attitudes, make sure you lose them before they cost you your job:

Laziness: Remember how well you presented yourself during your job interview? We are sure you mentioned how hard working and reliable you are as a person. We all have days where we don’t feel like working but always missing deadlines, taking extended lunch breaks or always pushing your work to your colleagues is not fair and just brewing recipes for disaster.

Poor self-esteem: Not only does that reflect at work but in every aspect of your life. The company that hired you believed in your skills so why don’t you believe in yourself? Stop lamenting your weaknesses and start embracing your strengths, while finding ways to improve your skills. Challenge yourself with new projects and absorb every information you can from experts at your place of work.

Being negative all the time: Negative people have a heavy aura that kills team spirit at work. Instead of complaining about what you don’t like and focus on things that you enjoy about your job. If you can’t change the situation find a coping mechanism while doing your best. There are companies that will one day value your skills, just don’t ruin opportunities by giving in to a negative attitude.

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The know-it-all syndrome: Even the greatest moguls rely on education and information to excel at their jobs. One can never stop learning so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Silence isn’t always golden when it comes to your career.

Playing the victim: Aren’t we all right? If you always shift the blame to others and refuse to take accountability for your mistakes it really doesn’t impress your team and your bosses. Life gets better when we take responsibility for our actions and move on with life.

What other bad attitudes have you experienced at work?

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