5 Lies You And I May Have Believed About Success

5 Lies You And I May Have Believed About Success

We all strive to reach success in our lives but there are hidden lies that can hinder us from reaching it. Avoid these five misconceptions about success


The word success is so common but how we define it is completely different. This is the reason success doesn’t have a certain formula for one to reach it. When it comes the reason we want to be successful in our careers, businesses and even fulfilling our purpose I believe it boils down to fulfilling our truest and fundamental calling in life, which is to be happy. Since success is often attached to materialistic things it’s easy to see it as a one-sided definition that doesn’t seem complete without wealth, big cars or designer clothes. The truth is success can never be reached unless you unpack some of the lies we may have believed about it:

Success happens overnight: This is a lie we all know. Behind the scenes of some of the rich business people and even famous people we look up to, there have been trials, failures, and disappointments. Many successful people will testify that their ‘overnight’ success took them a long time to reach.

Dimming other people’s light will make yours shine brighter: Many people fall into the trap of sabotaging and discouraging others because of jealousy or fear of ‘losing’ their spotlight or careers. You can never be truly happy and successful bringing other people down, instead, you are playing a dangerous game that you will one day lose, badly.

Life owes you the success you don’t work hard for: Many people feel entitled to success because of their privileged backgrounds or other reasons where hard work is not involved. The truth is you have to be so hungry for success that it won’t matter where you come from or the little resources you may have. A wonderful quote I once came across attests that if something means a lot to you, you will find a will but if it doesn’t, you will find an excuse. Where you come from or your current situation doesn’t matter, but the will to succeed does.

You can reach success on your own: Well, not really. Our African quotes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ rings true to other factors in our lives. It does take a village (mentors, family, networks) to reach the success you want, from your career to your business. You do need help to be successful.

Success is not within your reach: It’s easy to start believing that when many doors close in your face. It’s hard getting rejection letters, not having your brand taken seriously or not getting past that job interview. But persistence is the key to reaching success. The journey will not be easy and giving up is the surest way to not reach success. Remember, beautiful beginnings often guise themselves as painful endings. Keep pushing because your ‘one day’ will come when you don’t give up.

What misconceptions have you had about success? 

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