What Does It Really Take To Be Successful?

What Does It Really Take To Be Successful?

No matter your definition of success, we all dream to achieve it. But I have learned that hard as it may be to be where you want, it is not impossible.


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I am obsessed with this word, success. I have built my brand, KDanielles Media around it and always find stories that inspire me along the way. With this said, I remember coming across a video on YouTube on the success tips of award-winning American actress, Viola Davis. She gave the audience a sneak peek into her impoverished childhood, and she mentioned that years ago when she was young, in third grade, she was provoked by a male student at school, who was considered the fasted runner at their school. They decided to compete against each other after school to see who the fastest runner was, with other students cheering them on. Davis mentions that during the race she was oblivious to the ice cold ground biting at her feet because she took them off as she ran. Her shoes were worn off and a size too small, but she didn’t shy away from their race. She also said that when you come to the race, (of life or of chasing after your dreams) you don’t come with the same set of tools as everyone else. What this profound story taught me was that it’s important to start where you are and with what you have. Stop complaining about the lack of resources you feel you don’t have and make the most of your situation. If you follow closely enough where many successful people started off you will see that many began their journey where you find yourself in or in worse situations. Your starting point is not important in comparison to your finishing line. Being born poor and into the kind of family you live with is not your fault. Not everyone is born with great resources to utilise to successfully reach their dreams.  Reaching your success will be determined by how you define it. Knowing what it means to you is a starting point and navigating your way to it is God’s business, only if you are willing to put your best foot forward at all times.

I must admit that it’s not always easy remaining optimistic and keeping your self-esteem afloat when you keep having doors shut in your face, or having people constantly discourage you. I know it too well, trying to keep your face above water to avoid drowning in self-doubt. We were all born to live life to the full, not in poverty nor in depression. It’s not a normal state to live in because no matter how much some social constructs may glamorise pain or suffering I refute the notion that it’s what we were created for.

Image source: etsy.com

Honestly, it takes a lot of guts to follow and reach your dreams. And a lot of discipline to try one more time, every day. At least that is the approach I have decided to take. You first need to believe in yourself as much as you believe in your God who strengthens you. The fact that you face certain challenges in certain aspects of your life means that God trusts in you to overcome them through your character and that you will allow Him to reveal his glory through you. Believing that you are more than capable and deserving is the first and most important step to reach your goals. You then need to have an obstinate persistence to turn your dreams to into a reality, through action. Only you can see your vision until you implement it. It may take time, and a lot of it, but perseverance and patience go a long way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everything will come easy and that everyone who cheers you really wants to see you successful and happy.

The biggest mistake you have to avoid is giving up, no matter what. Each day presents itself as a new opportunity to get up when you feel knocked down. The fact that you are still alive today means that it’s not yet over, and it won’t be over unless you decide to throw in the towel. But that won’t do you any justice because reaching the top needs you to develop a thick skin, like many people who are reigning on top. Speaking of which, I have noticed that many renowned successful people hone their skills on a regular basis. They either train and practice frequently or find ways to ensure their talents are always nurtured. Experts say that find that one thing that you are good at, hone it and make your paper through it, instead of being a jack of all trades. Since talent alone doesn’t get you far, you need to have people’s skills and networking skills because it’s often who you know more than what you know that will lead you to the break you are looking for. There are many instances where career and business opportunities were opened by the people who referred me. Work hard in building amicable relationships in the industry you want to build your success in. It really does go a long way.

I also strongly believe that it’s important to pave your success around what you love doing because it’s your passion that will fuel you when the going gets tough. Doing things only for the sake of making money often comes at the expense of your happiness and wellbeing. It’s your passion that should keep you up at night and make you look forward to the next day. You may not currently have materialistic things to show for it now but things will unfold. Passion does pay the bills if you develop a business mind and make use of the resources around you. We all have big career dreams and aspirations, but it’s often the stumbling blocks we come across that make us settle for less.

When it comes to your work I have learned that there is no harm in being a little bit open about who you are beyond the title you wear to any office. Remember that resting is as important as the hustle. Hard work really doesn’t mean slaving your social life and health away. As a workaholic, I barely slept more than four hours trying to build the KDanielles Media brand as a side hustle. It really was and is exhausting. Resting and taking good care of your health is important if you want to live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your hard work one day. Don’t be afraid to take risks and ask for opportunities.

I hope you find the strength to give your dreams one more try, today, tomorrow and until you see the doors open.

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