How To Make Your Monday Successful And Productive

How To Make Your Monday Successful And Productive

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Only you have the power to make the most of what you have and an attitude that will determine your day. Make Monday your best yet with these tips

I came across a great quote the other day, that it’s the decisions we make that determine our destiny. I found it so thought-provoking and true. What we decide today really does shape our future. The great start to a Monday, no matter how much we turned up over the weekend, lies in our attitude towards it. I have learned to embrace and love this day of the week because just like Mondays, life is really what we make of it. Here are five ways I hope you will make your Mondays successful and productive:

Prepare for it: I also came across an article that said that the best Monday morning begins on Sunday evenings. Short as it seems to be, make Sunday a time to mentally and physically prepare for Monday. Do this by planning your week ahead and then rest as early as you can.

Get things done: The best way to set the tone for the week is by ticking off your to-do-list, starting with major goals and tasks you want to achieve by the end of the week.

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Create more hours in your day: Yes, I don’t know many people who complain when the clock unwinds to the evening, but for those who have a side hustle and have more to do, stretch your hours by starting your day early. Challenge yourself to wake at 4:00 am, meditate for a few minutes, then down a cup of coffee as you set the tone of your day.

Dress for it: The best way to boost your confidence is by dressing the part. Looking good is an important form of communicating with others on how you want to be perceived. Make sure you edit your wardrobe and dress like the boss you want to be.

Keep up with loved ones: Your family and friends should be your biggest cheerleaders. So make a call to that one person who knows how to lift you up when you feel down. Starting your day by touching base with such people will sure elevate your mood and keep you going throughout the day.

Are there other ways you beat Monday blues, especially when it comes to your career? Share in the comments below:






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