5 Non Materialistic Gifts To Give Yourself This Christmas

5 Non Materialistic Gifts To Give Yourself This Christmas

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The pressures of discounts, sales and last minute shopping for others other than yourself can be transactional and impersonal. Here are five gifts to give yourself this festive season

Not only is this what others call a silly season, but it’s one where people are often feeling the pressure buying and giving presents to other people. Often, we are wired to take care of other people even when it weighs us down and that can have health and financial repercussions on us. Why not make this festive season a meaningful one, one that doesn’t even have to do with bankrupting yourself? I know it sounds crazy but have you thought of showering yourself with gifts, especially the priceless ones that money doesn’t really have to buy? Here are gifts ideas to present yourself with this festive season:

Forgive yourself and be kinder to yourself: 2018 might have come with ups and downs, milestones and mistakes. You are human after all and you are bound to slip up along the way. Take accountability for your actions, seek reconciliation where need be, learn from your mistakes and treat yourself kindly moving forward.

Go for a digital detox: Many celebrities, such as Selena Gomez always announce taking a break from social media. Why not follow their footsteps and put away any gadgets that are in the way of making meaningful connections with your loved ones this year?

Go for a spa and sleep more: Every dreamer working hard to achieve their career and business goals tend to deprive themselves of the most important thing their body and mind needs: enough sleep. Treat yourself to a much needed professional massage and take advantage of this holiday to rest and rejuvenate for 2019.

Go out for a picnic: Although parks might be filled with the buzz of people and music and braai-stands sizzling away meat, take the opportunity to join the festive ambiance with your family, friends or partner. It sure is a great way to unwind.

Invest in de-stressing gifts: Yes, this might cost a bit of money, but you’ve worked damn hard for it this whole year, plus these are gifts that you will be thankful for in 2019. Gift yourself with an acupressure mat or pillow, which are actually used to release happiness endorphins and natural pain-relieving hormones. Also, transform your home into a scent-sational spa-experience with a diffuser or scented candles. How about bath salts to soak up in while you have a long bath?

Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can sure buy you a lot of convenience. Invest in and take better care of yourself more. After all, you only have one life and you don’t need the festive holiday to treat yourself and make the most of your life.





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