From A Mentor's Desk: Veteran Actress, Thembi Nyandeni

From A Mentor’s Desk: Veteran Actress, Thembi Nyandeni

63-year-old actress, Thembi Nyandeni has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. She shares with us how she built longevity in the industry and her success tips to young entertainers.

She currently plays the gun-blazing taxi queen, Mkabayi on Mzansi Magic’s popular telenovela, Isibaya. Veteran actress, Thembi Nyandeni shares with KDanielles Media what sparked her passion for acting, how she built longevity in the fickle entertainment industry and her success tips to young people:

You’ve been acting for more than 40 years, how did you build longevity in your career, especially as an entertainer?

I guess I have been authentic in my craft and took the time to understand the industry. I grew up in the apartheid regime and getting in the entertainment industry wasn’t easy at all. So we learned the hard way. And I guess that’s what still keeps me going.

What sparked your passion for acting, growing up?

The passion was sparked from wanting to tell our story as black people in South Africa. I knew I wanted to be a storyteller through my craft.

You have acted in so many productions and currently as Mkabayi from Isibaya, how do you transition from being Thembi to the character you play?

The trick for me is that I have been guided by the script and synopsis of each character that I have to portray. I think the mistake most people make is just wanting to be in front of the camera without understanding their characters fully.

What are your success tips to young people, especially to the aspiring actors?

You have to believe in yourself and learn from those who have been in the industry for a long time. I believe that they are the best guides, in comparison to your peers who are just as hungry to succeed.







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