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My Journey To Success With Hip Hop Star, Cassper Nyovest


Award-winning hip-hop artist, Cassper Nyovest, talks to us about filling up Moses Mabhida stadium on 1 December 2018, as well as his success tips

Cassper Nyovest is no stranger to success. And following a highly successful inaugural Fill Up Internship Programme in 2017, multi-award-winning musician, Cassper Nyovest, has announced that the Fill Up Internship Programme will take place again this year.

 Cassper Nyovest started the internship programme as a means to pay it forward and equip young people with tangible skills across various event disciplines.

This year’s Fill Up Internship Programme will be open to Durban residents only. Anyone 18 years old and above may apply. The application process will be done via interviews. Interested candidates need only bring along their IDs and attend the interview session. The following departments will be interviewing for interns: Operations, Talent Operations, Logistics, Accreditation, Hospitality & Catering, Merchandise, Marketing, PR and Sponsorship.

 But before the details on how you can apply, we spoke with Cassper about how his journey began, why he’s filling up stadiums and how you can also make a success of yourself:

What sparked your interest in music when you were younger?

It was my late older brother who was very passionate about hip-hop and music in general. He introduced me to music and my love for it grew.

What were some of the stumbling blocks that you came across when you were building your music career and what kept you going?

The biggest challenge for any up and coming artist is to get your name known out there. It was also a challenge for me, but what kept me going was my passion for music. It took me ten years for me to get it right and to get to this point.

What does success mean to you?

It means being able to provide for my family and being able to leave a legacy behind.

Apart from filling up stadiums, what are other milestones have you experienced in your career?

There are a number, the ones that come to mind are making platinum albums, being able to change the music industry and how it works. We’ve been able to employ a lot of people, having two retail stores and winning more than 30 awards. I’m grateful for the milestones.

If you could what would you change about the entertainment industry?

In the South African industry I would change the how the media should change local brands than international ones. I would make sure that we preserve our music and our culture. For instance, I don’t understand why Brenda Fassie doesn’t play on the airwaves and Caiphus Semenya shouldn’t have to release new albums to remain relevant.

What inspires the music that you make?

Everyday life inspires me. From meeting new people who inspire me to happy moments and sad moments.

Are there other things you would like to achieve?

I don’t really have a bucket list, but to be one of the biggest artists in Africa. If I blow around the world that would be great, but I would like to grow in this continent.

Do you have any plans for 2019?

I am actually dropping a new album on 1 December, and I want to mainly promote that next year.

What inspired the idea to fill up stadiums and what does the response mean to you?

The idea comes from wanting to build a sustainable career and to show people, especially South African artists that you can do it and that you don’t have to be a big, international artist to bring people together.

What are your success tips to young people?

Believe in yourself, believe in God, work hard, and you are the one who creates your destiny in how you approach life. Importantly, be comfortable in your own skin, you don’t have to be anybody else.

Interview date for the Internship programme is as follows:

Date: Saturday, 17 November 2018

Time: Interviews will take place between 10 am and 3 pm

Location: Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban

Connect with Cassper Nyovest:

Facebook: Cassper Nyovest (

Twitter: @CassperNyovest

Instagram: @CassperNyovest


















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