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What is Youth Marketing?

What is Youth Marketing

This youth month, we explore how Youth Marketing, which is any marketing efforts directed at young people can grow your brand. Here is how to attract this market

The youth can be divided into different segments including pre-teens (also known as “Tweens”), teenagers, college students and young adults until the age of 23. All of these groups may have different marketing strategies based on the products and services that serve their needs.

Although young people normally do not have salaries, they have great influence in purchasing decisions for their parents and friends, and since they do not normally have financial responsibilities; the money at their disposal is just that- disposable.

If you are in the business of the “young and wild and free”, here are a few ways to get their attention:

  • Get a campus trend spotter– This is someone that students look at for the latest trends. Get them to wear your clothes, use your app, talk about your brand on your social media platforms and watch your reach grow!
  • Social Media– The youth is the biggest driver of growth on Social Media platforms. Talk to them where their attention is- on their cellphone screens. Create exciting and interactive content that will appeal to them and lead them to your product or service.
  • Stay on top of the current topics- Winning brands are those that engage their consumers on current topics and issues. Information dissemination is at its highest ever, and keeping on top of what conversations the youth is having is increasingly important to ensure they relate to your brand.
  • Use Campus marketing platforms– Campus radio, newspapers and activations give you more specific reach to specific target audiences and they are more affordable than you may think.
  • Freebies– Since this segment of consumers largely has limited finds, they jump at every opportunity for free things. Throw in a prize for interaction or have competitions to make them engage with your brand.

The greatest reward with working with the youth is that they are still defining what they like and if they connect with a brand at this stage, they will very likely grow with the brand. Investing in this segment has rewards that exceed their current age and circumstance.

Article by Dimakatso Moloantoa

Dimakatso is the founder of AMARI Marketing and Communications PTY (LTD), which offers comprehensive and integrated marketing solutions that are tailored for  SMME’s. You can visit them on the below platforms and contact them at

Twitter: @AMARI_Marketing

Facebook: Amari Marketing

Instagram: @amarimarketing

LinkedIn: Amari Marketing

Image sources:@mrpfashion



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