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How To Remain Positive When Everything Seems To Go Wrong


As we enter the last month of 2017 many people are counting their blessings while others cannot wait to start on a clean slate. Here’s how to be positive when things seem too dark in your life

A friend of mine has had it pretty hard this year. Not only did she lose an acquaintance who betrayed her trust, but she got retrenched at work and then she met a guy who broke her heart. I find being there for someone going through one challenge after the other really hard. You become lost for words and can only be their silent pillar of strength. It made me wonder how I would deal with half the things she’s been through, especially over the years. I have never met such a strong person and I know she doesn’t believe it. So in search of inspirational advice to give her, I did a bit of homework and asked around for words I can encourage her with. This is what I was advised to share with her and I hope it will help you too:

Believe that this too shall pass: We have all heard this at some point in our lives and it’s hard to believe those words but somehow, hard times come to an end. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t stop affirming positive things you want in your life: instead of focusing on the current pain you are feeling elevate your mind and your faith to what you desire and what you believe you deserve.

Have realistic expectations for yourself: Sometimes the hurt we feel results from being hard on ourselves and also comparing our failures with other people’s successes. Accept that you have your own book to author and things will unfold in their own time. Embrace how you feel but don’t allow the pain to sink you into depression.

What’s meant to be yours will be yours to have: If your business folds, or lose a job, find out your partner is a jerk, go through an illness or deal with a bunch of haters remember that all good things that you are meant to have and enjoy will come your way no matter what. Nothing worth having has ever come easy.

Find something, anything to be grateful for: Not all is that bad. If you woke up today, had something to eat, saw your family and friends than there is something to be thankful for. I heard that being grateful is one of the best ways to have your prayers answered. What you focus on expands, so don’t prolong your challenges by giving them too much attention.

It’s not easy going through hard times, especially with a smile. But you only have one life to make the most of. Remember that new beginnings often disguise themselves as painful endings.

Have you been through certain challenges? How did you remain positive throughout those experiences?

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