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5 Myths You Shouldn’t Allow To Kill Your Relationship

Relationship myths that could kill your relationship

Although there isn’t a one size fits all in relationships, there are common mistakes that could kill your love life with your partner

Let’s face it relationships are beautiful. Especially if you are in one for the right reasons. The early stages are fun and feel like one of your favourite romantic movies that have a happy ending. But we all know that it all fizzles out and that’s where reality hits. The great thing is that you can make your relationship last and fill it with happy memories if both of you are prepared to work on it. From my experience here are five relationship myths you should debunk if you want to avoid driving your partner away.

Only one partner has to do all the hard work: If one of you is the one initiating conversations, planning dates and buying gifts they are likely to feel a sense of resentment along the run. Life is about give and take and it’s not different in relationships. Always show your partner you appreciate everything they do for at all times.

Being in love means being your partner’s doormat: The last mistake you want to do is losing yourself when you are in a relationship. Maintaining your individuality and independence is very important no matter how much you are in love. There is a fine line between being too submissive and compromising. It’s up to you to draw it.

A jealous partner means the right partner: Never, in the history of mankind has jealously equated to love. In fact, it has led people to kill each other. Run for your life if your partner says they are the jealous type, that’s exactly what I did!

Being in love means your partner should know what you feel: There’s only one Edward Collin from the movie, Twilight, and he is just a fictional character. Never assume that your partner can read minds. Communication is very important in any healthy relationship. Never take for granted what makes your partner happy and what they can’t tolerate. Love alone doesn’t guarantee longevity in your relationship. It needs work and respect from both of you.

Being in a long-term relationship always leads to marriage: Settling for a bad relationship is hard enough without binding yourself to an unhappy marriage. It hurts investing years in trying to make a relationship work only to see that the future looks bleak. Letting go could be the best thing you can do for yourself, and it might open up an opportunity to meet someone who will treat you right.

What other myths kill relationships? Please share in the comments below

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