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Practical Guide To Staying Productive At Work This Week

Practical Guide To Staying Productive At Work This Week

With December holidays around the corner, it’s easy to give in to exhaustion and laziness. Boost your energy with our guide to staying productive this week.

This time of the year is notorious for making us impatiently wait for the holidays. It’s easy to lose interest and focus. But slayers are always disciplined to getting work done no matter what. These are five ways to staying productive this week and the rest of the year:

Don’t take more work than you can handle: New projects or proposals to take your company forward are great if you don’t have other tasks waiting for you to complete them. Prioritise your to-do list that you aim to complete each day. Remember to be realistic when you break down each task you want to finish off each day.

Rest, rest, rest: Make use of your lunch breaks. Don’t fall into the temptation of having lunch on your desk as that will prompt you to check your e-mails or to continue working. Also, challenge yourself to get at least seven hours of sleep each every day. This will give you the energy you need to be productive.

Work at a different environment: If your office is flexible, take work elsewhere to be at a different environment. The ambient setting of a coffee shop across the office or the bustle of cars and people commuting from your balcony can spark the creativity you need to do your work.

Quit being superwo/man: Muli tasking can result in you running around in circles and missing deadlines. Do one task at a time. Start your day with attending to e-mails, do tasks that need your undivided attention then end the day with planning for the following day.

Have a healthier lunch at work: Food does have a big impact on how productive you can be. A healthier meal with snacks in between does give you more energy as opposed to that burger or pap that makes you feel sleepy before knocking off.

How are you being productive this week?




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