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Creative Ways to Monetize Your Passion

Creative ways to monetise your passion

 Many people put their passion on hold to work on jobs that just pay the bill. But you can profit from your passion. This is how

We have all heard of the saying that if you do something you are passionate about you don’t have to work a day in your life. If you think about it and about the people you draw inspiration from this saying couldn’t be more spot on. Making a living from something you are passionate about gives you sense of purpose and if you put in more effort and hard work it makes you stand out from others who are just as good as you. If you thought that passion is only reserved as a side hobby then you thought wrong. This is how to turn your passion into a profit (or salary)

Be prepared to work hard: We are all good at something. But it’s important to find ways to perfect your craft, from reading about and being knowledgeable of your industry to getting training. Being talented is no enough if you are not prepared to put in the effort. Make sure that your passion is coupled with hard work. You should also bear in mind that entrepreneurship isn’t easy and neither is being an employee. But consistency will keep you going.

Look for opportunities in the field you love: If you are planning on starting a business try to find a gap in what your community or market might need. If you are good in fashion design offer your services to students who are going to their matric dance or a couple that is getting married. There is always a need you can monetise on, if you look close enough.

Find what sets you apart: My sister always advises that you have to work on your brand so hard that you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore. I take her advice seriously as I am building the KDanielles Media brand. I know it won’t be easy but I believe in it and the positive impact I want it to create to young people. How you sell your skills and how you relate to people will set you apart. So don’t take your dreams and your passion for granted.

Don’t forget to have fun: A passion shouldn’t feel like a prison. Always find creative ways to spark fun in what you love doing. Your energy attracts your reality, so make sure that your passion fuels your daily hustle. Passion does pay the bills if you are smart about.

How do you make money from your passion? Share with us in the comments below



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