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6 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy

Happy People

Happiness is a habit that you need to develop and work hard at maintaining, but there are traits you need to give up first.

Hands up if life hasn’t knocked you down. If we gathered in a room we would all look around wanting to see that lucky person. Somehow, we constantly find ourselves amidst challenges, either slowly creeping in or smashing at us with a bang. As much as we know that such experiences build our character and perspective about life it doesn’t it make going through them easy. But there are people who still find that one thing in life that makes them happy, regardless of the difficulties they go through. I have such a friend. Yes she cries and hurts sometimes but she is always happy and that makes her magnetic to people, especially me. I always want to be around her all the time because I draw so much joy and happiness being in her company. I remember asking her, a long time ago, how she seems so happy all the time, and her answer was simple, yet profound. Happiness, she said, is a choice and since we are energies, we tend to attract what we choose to feel and think about all the time.  These are the five things she always advises I should give up in order to truly feel happy.

Stop complaining: Not only does it turn people off but it attracts more negative things to complain about. Rather distract your mind from the pain you are going through and focus on other things that make you smile.

Don’t dwell on the past: Use your past experiences and mistakes as your teacher and stop holding on to it like it will come back. Savour in the moment and look forward to what is yet to come.

Be grateful: There is always something in life to be grateful for, whether it’s family, friends, a great partner, health and peace of mind. Find something to thank God for every day.

Help others: There is something wonderful in giving, sharing and helping the next person. Don’t you find it satisfying seeing the next person flourish in life or being happy because of you? I do.

Give up negative self-talk: Leave the haters to do their job and stop being your worse enemy. You are what you think and say, so why choose misery? Focus on your strengths, the things you love about yourself and what makes you happy.

Stop comparing yourself to others: Period. Your season is also coming, but until then focus on your lane, roll up your sleeve and work for the success and happiness you want in life. Nothing worth having comes easy. Just believe that your turn is coming and don’t allow yourself to be pressured by someone else’s life.

What have you given up in order to be happy? Share in the comments below:

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