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3 Ways Happy People Deal With Jealousy

Happy people

The road to success and true happiness often leads to challenges and jealous people are one of them. This is what you can learn from happy people

I remember being discouraged from continuing my career in writing when I started working at a certain media house a couple of years ago. It was hurtful hearing it from a woman I really looked up to and who I thought believed in woman empowerment (how many of those do we hear of and roll our eyes at?). I walked out of that office feeling more determined to prove her wrong and to show that this is a career I was meant to take because it’s something I have always been passionate about. This is one of the many incidents I had faced in my life and I won’t lie it really did affect my self-esteem for a long time. There also came a time where I had to choose between a relationship and my career as I was made to feel guilty and even small about the dreams I always shared (no need to guess what I chose). Jealous people are such a headache. But that shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams and the great things you are destined for. I feel that a lot of people should realise that life is a journey and everyone gets their turn, but most miss out on bigger opportunities and great experiences because they focus their attention on meddling on other people’s business. Whether you like it or not you will come across jealous people at some point in your life. This is how you can deal with jealousy:

Zone out of negative remarks: Hard as it is, try to ignore comments that don’t build you as a person; whether in the office, at home or in a relationship. Mentally block out people who are always negative or try to bring you down.

Don’t take it personally: It’s not your fault if someone is jealous of you. It just means they feel inferior towards you. Don’t allow that distraction to make you feel bad or affect your self-esteem. Focus on people who love and support you and keep slaying in your lane.

If you can, remove yourself from that situation: Whether it’s politely confronting someone or deleting them from your life, find ways to move away from such people. I am personally good at the latter.

It’s how we often react to situations that really test our character. Always choose to be the best version of yourself, no matter the situation you are facing.

How do you deal with jealous people?

Nomzamo Mbatha

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