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4 Ways To Make Your Employees Loyal

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Loyalty is an attractive attribute businesses look for in employees. But with a competitive market and the need for one to grow it’s very important to find ways to retain skilled workers

I am sure most of us see a certificate of long service (at a particular company) pasted neatly on the wall when we visit our grandparents’ places. Those days are long gone and many businesses are realising that loyal, hardworking employees are the lifeline of any company. This is one of the reasons most successful companies invest in the well-being of their workers, from implementing loyalty programmes, pay increments and promotions. There are a number of reasons businesses fold but not being able to keep talented and skilled workers shouldn’t be one of them. Though money is an important remuneration to give your employees, there are ways you can validate to your employees that they are an important part of your vision to build a successful brand. Your vision may be perfect on power point presentations and proposals, but not having a team to help you carry your vision can be challenging. If anything, you should know and care about your employees and what their goals are as well. And when they feel demotivated at work, it’s a red flag you can’t afford to ignore if you plan to operate your business for a long time. I have an acquaintance who had passion on steroids when she started at her previous job, but when she saw how her boss neglected and disrespected her and her colleagues she literally went to work just to watch her clock tick to 5 pm when they knocked off. Her previous job eventually closed down and she saw it coming because no one cared enough to contribute their ideas, which were always turned down. There are ways, however, to keep your staff happy, loyal and productive. This is how:

Create a friendly environment: Each company has a corporate culture, make sure that yours is fun and open engaging. The best way to incorporate the right fit in your workspace is through investing in the hiring process. Make sure that you find recruitment ways to hire the perfect candidate. Rather find someone with the right attitude and hunger to learn than to employ someone with skills on paper but makes you stack headache tablets.

Offer room to grow: Nothing beats the feeling of being appreciated when you have put your heart into something. Hard working and dedicated employees are hard to find and if you have such, always show them how much you value their exceptional work. If money is not a realistic option, promote them, offer gift cards, allow flexible work times and do fun team building activities.

Give them the freedom to do their job: There is nothing more annoying than being micromanaged. It shows a level of distrust and it crowds one’s space. Unless they give you a reason not to, trust your employees enough to set reachable goals and allow them the freedom to work towards meeting their deadlines.

Be approachable and caring: Although those qualities don’t buy bread and butter they help your business remain sustainable because happy employees equal happy customers and a great turnover. If you show your workers you really care about their wellbeing, they are likely to stay longer and help your company grow.

What methods have you used to retain your dedicated team?

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