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Habits that Guarantee a Promotion

Habits that guarantee a promotion

How you conduct yourself in the office can make or break you. Why not use these tips that will guarantee your dream promotion.

Are you always ten or fifteen minutes late in the mornings, miss deadlines by a day or two or perhaps take longer lunch breaks? Don’t take these things for granted because you are being watched. Being an employee who is great to work with is a great asset to have as it can fast accelerate your growth in the company. Establish and maintain these habits to get you that promotion.

  1. Be reliable: Make sure you are prompt and deliver on what is expected of you at all times. Also, ensure that you are on top of your manager’ and colleagues’ minds when help is needed but don’t become anyone’s doormat.
  2. Mind your body language: You can be great at what you do, but if you are always quiet, seem distant or seen with your earphones planted in your ears the whole day it gives off a bad impression.
  3. Be professional: Dress for success. How you present yourself, from your dress code to your attitude at work teaches people how to treat you. Knowing your boss on a first name basis does not guarantee your future in the workplace, so that shouldn’t be a reason to being a nightmare to other people.
  4. Be a team player: Working well with others to achieve a goal is an important skill to have to earn you a promotion. Great leaders are team players and care about the wellbeing of employees.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone: The next time you are asked to take on a task that is beyond your skills grab it with both hands as it shows an interest to learn and grow. Don’t forget to ask for help but show initiative that you want excel at what you are trusted to do. Better yet, why not ask for a challenge next time you step into your boss’ office.
  6. Stay away from office politics: workload can be daunting and can create squabbles. Some battles are not worth your energy but always stand your ground, respectfully. Avoid cliques that always find negative things to say about everything and everyone at work. That negative energy is draining, rather save yours to progress.
  7. Learn as much as you can about the post you want: Showing initiative and an interest in a role you want does impress employers who care about the growth of their staff. Stay ahead of the pack by acquainting yourself with what the role entails and showing that you have those skills.
  8. Ask for it: Depending on the size of the company and environment, ask to be considered for a role you want, even when it’s currently unavailable, this will make you top of mind when something comes up.

Have you been promoted? What were your methods of getting that promotion?

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