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Hiring your first employees? Read this first

Igor Miske

Is your business growing and do you find yourself working around the clock to keep up? It’s time you hire your employees, but not before you read this.

By now you might be wearing many business caps, from sales, bookkeeping or marketing because growing a business needs a lot of sacrifice and costs a lot of money. Hiring someone can be a costly investment, especially people with the right skills that your business lacks.  This is why it is important to find a team that will help your vision for growth. Employing the right people is a huge financial step and it needs a lot of consideration. One of the first things to reflect on is whether you want someone to alleviate your work pressure or offer a skill you are lacking, as this will guide you in where you are to look for potential employees and how much it will cost your business. Another thing to consider is whether you really need to hire as you can outsource services or make use of freelancers, which could cost less than full-time employees. If an area of work needs to be done on a regular basis you should perhaps employ someone. Below are tips that will help you find the right team for your company.

  1. Decide on the company culture you want: This has everything to do with you, your leadership style and how you want the work environment to be.
  2. Invest in referrals: Posting jobs online can be costly, how about connecting with your close business or career associates and find out who they could recommend would be a perfect fit in your company.
  3. Linkedin: This is by far one of the best professional networking sites. Use it to your advantage and peruse through the skills of your contacts. If you find someone you like, invite them over for drinks and get to know them, without making it look like it’s an interview.
  4. Recruitment agencies: Depending on the experience you want and the budget you have, you can make use of recruitment agencies who will do all the admin work for you, for a fee.

How have you hired your first employees for your company?


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