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Morning rituals that will keep you productive the whole day

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If you rely heavily on caffeine to get you through the whole day, try these (healthier) rituals to keep you going and productive the whole day at the office

Not everyone is a morning person. Believe me, I am not. I have found it even worse extending my home into an office with this blog. I find myself working into the early hours of the morning. 24 hours don’t seem enough to most driven career and business people, especially in the infant stages of their ventures. I have tried the below morning rituals to keep me going throughout the day. And I find that they are working:

  • Workout: I know, working out seems insane if you only slept for four hours or less but really there are many health benefits of making morning exercises your daily habit. Not only do they improve your mental and physical energy but they also help with metabolism as well.
  • Meditate: this is a relaxing way to start your day. Reflect on how you want your day to pan out while listening to soft music. Reading your favourite motivational book also helps in readying you to make the most of your day.
  • Have a healthy breakfast: yes, we all know that breakfast is an important meal as it gives you energy and improves your sugar levels. A healthier breakfast, however, improves your memory and helps you concentrate throughout the day. One of the quickest ways to prepare it is making a smoothie with your favourite fruit ingredients.
  • Plan your day: draw up a to-do list and break it down into smaller, achievable tasks. This will guide and discipline you in ensuring that you complete the goals you set out for the day. Time is one precious assest that we, hustlers, don’t seem to have, but with proper planning and discipline, we can get a lot done in a day.


Do you have other morning rituals that energise you throughout the day?

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