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5 Ways To Stay Productive When You Work From Home

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With petrol hikes and traffic jams piling up each day, working from home may be a luxurious option. If you work from home, here are five ways to be productive.

South Africa is experiencing exorbitant petrol hikes each passing month, which makes traveling a nightmare; considering the fact that many people don’t live close to their workplaces. The department of energy confirmed on Sunday that on 1 May 2019, the price of petrol will increase by 54c/l, bringing a total of more than R4 price increase since January 2019 (according to citizen.co.za). This, along with many factors has made a lot of employees opt to work from home to increase productivity and curb the rising cost of living. If you work from home, there are many perks to enjoy, but the downside is that it can be easy to be distracted by other things that are not work-related. Here are five ways I suggest to stay productive when your home is your office:


Declutter your space: It’s almost impossible to work in an untidy space, whether that’s in the office or at home. Whichever space or room you choose to work in at home, make sure you tidy it up the day before, so you don’t feel compelled to do “chores,” during working hours.

Create a home office atmosphere: It may seem tempting to work from your bed while taking naps the whole day but remember that you still need to get the work done. Rather create a personalised office area that is both cozy and productive.

Create your office hours, as you would at the office: Structure your day according to the recommended working hours in the office. Set up your daily planner, not forgetting to take your lunch breaks in between. Not only will this create discipline but it will help you keep track of your workload. It will also help your family respect your time instead of disturbing you.

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Don’t get stuck at home: Sometimes working from home can be lonely and it may be hard to stay motivated and even productive. Find a nearby coffee shop or public lounges to stimulate creativity and productivity.

Knock off: Don’t make the mistake of crossing the line of a healthy work balance. Turn off your computer when you ‘knock-off’ to make time for your family. Having access to working anytime doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on your screen or phone 27/7. Discipline yourself to a work-life balance.

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