5 Monday Morning Rituals To Set The Tone For A Productive Day

5 Monday Morning Rituals To Set The Tone For A Productive Day

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To many, Monday mornings are the least favourite. But these five morning rituals will help set the tone for productive and successful day

The year 2021 has officially begun for most corporates and hustlers. But, no matter how passionate you are about your job or are looking for another career path, Mondays seem like the longest, endless days of the week. However, with a positive mindset and attitude you can make Mondays your favourite days and set the tone for the rest of the week:

Dress to impress: Whether we like it or not, people do, to a degree, judge us on how we present ourselves, especially how we dress. If you want to impress and command a certain level of respect and attention, especially in the office, dress like a CEO.

Prepare the night before: Sundays are by far the shortest days of the week, but they are a great time to prepare for the week ahead, from what you will wear to work to tasks you have to do and complete. Your Mondays will flow if you prepare well the night before.

Here’s How To Set The Tone For A Productive Week

Get up 30 minutes earlier: Being late, on any day, is bad but Mondays are the worse days to be on the wrong side of the time. Arriving at work early helps you set the tone for the rest of the day, from checking and clearing your emails to getting ahead with work that needs to be done.

Get your heart pumping: Although I need to practice what I preach, exercising is an important way to start the day on a good note. Not only does it improve your mood, but it also helps improve your physical strength and your memory.

Have a healthy breakfast: We can be so busy that we neglect our bodies and eat whatever convenient food that comes our way if we find the time. This is not good as a healthy meal leads to a healthy mind and helps you focus. The best way to eat healthier is to pack your own lunch, and add a least a vegetable and fruit to your diet.

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