How To Cope With The Festive Season After A Tragedy

How To Cope With The Festive Season After A Tragedy

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Not everyone is in the jolly spirit this festive season, especially if they have no family or friends to celebrate with or have experienced something tragic. Here’s how to cope this festive season

A few days ago, I was impatiently waiting in traffic at a highway. I expressed my frustration with a dear friend of mine after attending an event. It was past 12:00 am, and wondered what could possibly happen at that time. When we passed the most gruesome accident I had ever seen I shed tears for the strangers in that scene. I immediately wondered how their families would receive the news of losing their loved ones, just days before Christmas. And let’s face it, 2020 was a painful year for many who not only lost their livelihoods as they knew them but also their loved ones mainly because of Covid-19.  Many people go through hard times, and although each day is as challenging, the festive season somehow brings with it a heavy load of painful emotions. Maybe because we are psychologically inclined to be happy at this time. There was also a point in my life where I was on the brink of depression during the festive season, so I know that pain. It’s not easy at all, but I have learned that this is how you can at least try to cope with this season:

Allow people who are close to you to be there for you: If you are physically distant from your loved ones. Make technology your best friend. Skype, call, chat on Facebook or text them frequently and enjoy the time that technology allows you to connect with each other.

Allow yourself to feel the pain, but don’t dwell on it: When we are in the midst of challenges it’s hard to believe that this too shall pass. But find it in your heart to believe that statement. Don’t allow yourself to be drowned in sadness, rather find something worthwhile to do, such as learning a new recipe or reading your favourite novels to help make you forget the current pain you are going through.

Do something in memory of your loved ones: If you lost your loved ones this year because of death do something to honour their spirit. Play their favourite song, cook their favourite meal, pray for their souls or reminisce about the crazy, happy experiences you shared. As the tears well up your eyes, understand that they wouldn’t want you to be sad all the time. Try to be happy, at least for them.

How have you coped with the festive season during challenges?

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