My Journey To Success With Singer Azana

My Journey To Success With Singer Azana

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My Journey To Success With Singer AzanaDurban-born singer Makhosazana Masango, affectionally known as Azana, shares with us her passion for music, her debut album, Ingoma, and her success tips

Take us back to your childhood in Durban, what were your career aspirations, and what drew you to music?

I’ve always known I would become a singer. It was something I enjoyed doing as a child and my love for music followed me through my whole school journey. I was always a part of a choir in all my primary and high school years and I enjoyed it!

Tell us about your stage name, Azana, why did you choose to cut your full name, Makhosazana, to what we know as fans?

I like the idea of separating my private life from my showbiz life. Azana is not far from my home name “Makhos(azana) ” since it was taken from it.

Tell us about the music you make, what’s the inspiration behind it, and who will mostly relate to it?

My music is soulful and smooth. I enjoy writing and thinking, my lyrics are inspired by life itself, experience, second-hand experience, fantasy, dreams, love, anger, and all the emotions one can have in their lifetime. It’s how I express myself and it is how I teach. My music is relatable to all ages as I talk about love, freedom, spirituality, friend-zoning, and many other topics that do not narrow down to age.

What was the inspiration behind your debut album, Ingoma, and apart from it reaching number one in SA on Apple Music’s pop chart, what has been the highlight from it?

My album reaching number one on the pop charts left me grateful and excited for the future. It’s beautiful to see people receive and enjoy the music I had put out.

You have already collaborated with some of SA’s best producers, who would you like to work with one day and why?

In the future, I would love to work with Beyonce, Ari Lennox, Lemon and Herb and Black Coffee. I love the work they have put out and am inspired by their work ethic.

The year 2020 has been very challenging, especially for the entertainment industry, how were you also affected?

A lot of my performances were cancelled this year due to the pandemic. The lockdowns worried me as a musician because I wanted to hit the road and promote my debut album.

Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?

My main tip to be successful is to educate yourself by seeking the knowledge to enhance and better whatever it is that you do.

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