CV Hacks That Will Attract Job Recruiters, According To An Expert

CV Hacks That Will Attract Job Recruiters, According To An Expert

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Your access to your dream job (or any job for that matter) is a CV. A recruiter shares with us seven tips on how to make your CV stand out

Have you ever wondered what makes some CVs stand out from the rest? I recently attended a corporate workshop and a recruiter from one of South Africa’s top banks shared tips on how to make your CV as attractive as possible:

Nadine Khoza, a senior talent acquisition specialist at a bank, said during the workshop that depending on the industry you are in, your CV can be a pamphlet, a document or even a short movie. You can be as creative as possible, but be careful not to overwhelm recruiters with too much information as they might not have the luxury of time. It is also important that you tailor make your CV to match the job description of the job you are applying for. Meaning, your CV should not just be a cut and paste for every job, but add skills and experiences according what the job requires. Here are points to keep in mind when drafting or updating your CV:

  • In your personal information section, always include when you will be available, should you get the job. Would you take on the job immediately, or will you need 30 days, calendar-month notice or three months
  • Include your qualifications in a chronological order, starting with the oldest. E.g matric, diploma, post degree etc. If you haven’t completed a certain qualification, especially if the position requires a qualification you are pursuing, include this at the bottom of the list and say in progress, if you have intentions of completing it. Never be tempted to lie about your qualifications, recruiters are able to easily verify that information.
  • Don’t include every subject of your course, but highlight your best achievement.
  • Start with your current work experience, and highlight your role.
  • Work experience is very important, so try your best to contribute your skills for as long as you can in a company you are currently working in, before working elsewhere.
  • Mention your biggest achievements that are career-related or show your skills, especially ones that you think will impress recruiters.
  • Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile, make sure that it correlates with your CV.
  • Importantly, never include your reference in your CV. Your social media account is reference enough. So make sure that you are happy with what you see when you Google yourself or what you post on social media pages.

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