The Five Commandments Of True Happiness

The Five Commandments Of True Happiness

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Life has a way of weighing us down, if we allow it to. But there are ways to remain happy no matter what. This is how

For many years I have always wanted to find ways to remain content with myself. Like everyone, I really wanted to be happy as a person and I have recently learned that this highly searched for feeling is a state of mind. Happiness is defined as an intense feeling of joy and results from the attainment of what one considers good. We sometimes look for happiness in the wrong places, which is outside of ourselves. When you find yourself relying on other people either than yourself to be happy it’s one of the recipes for disaster. It’s not the duty of your partner or your friends to make you happy; theirs is to complement how you already feel about yourself. What you are experiencing currently is a result of what you subconsciously believe you deserve. Happiness is within and this is how you can tap into it:

Thou shall not live in the past: One of my favourite sayings is, ‘You cannot expect a new chapter in your life if you keep living in the past. Happiness begins the moment you accept that you cannot change what happened yesterday and embrace what the present and future holds. Learn from your mistakes and don’t allow guilt to overwhelm you.

Thou shall be grateful for what you have: Live in gratitude. This is one secret to being content with yourself. Attracting what you truly desire begins with being truly happy for others and stop dwelling on jealousy. Dream big but be grateful for the bed you sleep on and the food you eat daily, there are many who wish for half the things you have.

Thou shall accept who you are: Not all of us are flawless like Beyonce. Learn to love yourself, flaws and all. Importantly, embrace what makes you unique as a person.

Thou shall surround yourself with positive people: If some of your family members, friends or partner weigh you down or are toxic to your happiness let them go. You are the company you keep. So choose the people worthy of your precious time wisely.

Thou shall choose to be happy: Life is a choice. Whatever you do or say results from your choice no matter what the next person does. If challenges come your way you either choose to be depressed or reach out to people or your inner strength to help get you through them. Own your feelings and choose to be best version of yourself. Remember, God meets you at the level of your expectations.

How do you make yourself happy?

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