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5 Ways To Really Unwind This Weekend

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Weekends are meant for turning up and going wild, right? Well, why not dedicate this weekend to rejuvenate for a more productive week ahead ? Here’s how:

There’s something about Friday that makes us feel like the following week is a lifetime away. But after a few drinks, sweating it up on the dance floor, swiping our money away and running a few errands, Monday seems to be an unwelcome guest that makes way for a very long week. But it doesn’t have to be that way, at least this weekend. How about catching your breath and restoring your mental and physical energy these next two days? Here’s how:

Turn off your devices: Seriously, I know this seems impossible because how else will you catch up on what people are up to on social media or finish off your work that you took home with you right? But then what is the point of having a weekend if we don’t use it to our advantage and rest? Make a commitment to spend time with people close to you instead of the online community, they won’t go anywhere.

 Watch what goes in your mouth: This doesn’t mean go completely vegan. It means try to balance your guilty pleasures with healthy meals and a lot of water to nourish and hydrate your body. If you have been craving something naughty (junk food and a drink or two) this evening, by all means, but dedicate the next two days having nutritious meals that contain a lot of vitamins, fibre, and protein. Nothing beats home-made food, even on weekends!

 Read a book: Reading is to the mind what exercising is to the body. I’m sure you have heard of this quote, and it couldn’t be truer. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy. Did you know that reading is great for mental stimulation, stress reduction and improvement of memory? So, grab a book. I am currently reading, Stand Against Bland, by Sylvester Chauke. Grab a copy, you will thank me later.

  Get enough sleep: What is enough sleep without oversleeping? Experts say ideally, adults must sleep at least seven hours a night. But, sometimes it can be difficult when trying to meet deadline, or if you have a side hustle. This weekend, add at least one or two hours to your sleep. You need it to feel refreshed for the following week.

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 Plan for the next week: Sundays just seem to not exist, the way they are too short! However, use this day, not only to rest but plan for the following week. Use a weekly planner or a diary to plan and prioritise important tasks you want to get done and achieve the next week.

I hope these tips help. Happy weekend!

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