Weekend Review: Nobody’s Fool, Starring Tiffany Haddish

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Tiffany Haddish is the humorous character the movie, Nobody’s Fool, needed to convince you to watch with your friends this weekend

Out today (02 November 2018), Tyler Perry’s latest somewhat raunchy, hilarious and predictable rom-com, starring the funny Tiffany Haddish and legendary Whoopi Goldberg is an entertaining typical love story. Tika Sumpter stars as Danica, a successful ad executive who has an impossible list of qualities her ideal and ‘perfect’ man should have. Funnily enough, she and her team are tasked at work to design a campaign of a product that sells the idea of a perfect romance. Haddish, affectionally known as Tanya in the movie is an overly horny ex-con who, on her first night of release after five years in jail is seen making out with a stranger. The scene sets a tone of Tanya’s character, wild, funny, perverted and loyal to her family. Tanya and Danica’s mom is played by Whoopi Goldberg, who’s always high on the weed she sells and brings the humorous and mature advice on this love story. Danica gives her sister a place to stay at her luxurious mansion at the request of her mom. She immediately helps Tanya get on her feet by helping her find a job, except Tanya finds employment at Frank’s coffee shop. Frank (played by Omari Hardwick) is an ex-convict who has a child with another woman (a huge deal breaker for Danica) but rose from the ashes of his rough past to own a coffee shop. To cut the story short, Tanya thinks her sister is catfished since she finds herself in a relationship with someone whom she’s never seen. Tanya contacts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph who come to her assistance and who she tries to seduce. Turns out the guy who was dating Danica is real and she now has to decide between him and Frank. Oh, and the hilarious Chris Tucker makes a crazy and short appearance to the movie as well. The moral of this predictable movie is that we all have flaws and can make choices that could cost us true love.

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The verdict, I think Nobody’s Fool is worth watching with your friends this weekend, especially if you love the hilarious Haddish.

Check out the trailer below:



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