4 Lies That Keep You From Being Successful

4 Lies That Keep You From Being Successful

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Many of us think that success is only reserved for the few. This is one of the lies you need to stop believing to successfully reach your dreams

Being successful and even wealthy is glamorised to a point where we think that it’s only meant for the few. Well, it’s meant for everyone. This is the reason we all have talents that we can capitalise on to earn a living. After graduating from varsity I didn’t see myself working for anything else either than media. I didn’t want to think that it’s impossible to break into that industry. I knocked on many doors and even volunteered for many months before earning a salary. Persistence allowed me the opportunity to work in an industry I have always been passionate about. And that’s the attitude and trait you need to develop if you want to see your dreams coming true. Success means different things to many people but the common thread is that we all want to reach it. If you want to successfully reach your dreams stop believing these four lies you probably heard many times before:

I don’t have what it takes: Many of us don’t come from well-off families and make the mistake of thinking that our backgrounds determine our future. There is this thing called self-esteem. Without it, it’s easy to think you are not beautiful enough, worthy enough or even intelligent enough to be successful. The main thing standing in the way between you and reaching your goals is your mindset.

 I am waiting for the right time: The best time to have started pursuing your dreams was yesterday. The next great time is now. If you are waiting for the ‘right’ time to follow your passion you will wait forever. I wondered how far my blog would have been had I started it six years ago but I am glad I started it this year because I realised that time doesn’t wait for you. And it never will.

I don’t have enough money to pursue my passion: Successful people knock on windows when doors shut in their face. They find creative ways of getting a step closer to their dreams. When I got my freelance gig a couple of years ago, I was able to pay for my own tuition fees for my BA in Communication Science, which I completed in 2014. In other words, you will use what you have to get closer to your dreams. Sincerely, if something means something to you, you will find a way, but excuses indicate a lack of commitment. This should make you go back to the drawing board and do a lot of introspection of why you really want to achieve a certain goal.

I failed too many times, success isn’t for me: Every successful person you look up to has probably failed too many times before reaching the pinnacle of their business or career achievements. Persistence and support from those who believe in you are important ingredients you need to successfully reach your dreams.

What lies about success have you heard?

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