Success Tips From American Entrepreneur Christyn Breckenridge

Success Tips From American Entrepreneur Christyn Breckenridge

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America’s Christyn Breckenridge shares the inspiration behind her eyewear brand 3rdEyeView as well as her success tips to young people

Christyn has always had an entrepreneurial seed planted in her as she came from a business-oriented family, which runs a construction and home-building business in Memphis Tennessee, where she was born. What makes the entrepreneur’s entry into the business field interesting is that even though she didn’t study optometry but physical therapy, she always had a heart for helping people. It wasn’t until her dad was diagnosed and battled with glaucoma that she came to an understanding about eye issues and that triggered her business direction. Christyn linked up with a non-profit organisation and started her research on what eye issues entailed, which gave birth to her business. Christyn explains that the name of her eye brand, 3rdEyeView, is what sets her business apart. Also, there aren’t many black-owned eyewear brands out there and the fact that they take their social philosophy seriously, especially affordability.

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When talking about success, Christyn feels that her business is successful. And although money is a contributing factor to success, it’s not the main thing. For her, success is the impact on people’s lives that they make through their products. Her success tips for young people are to soul search first. “You need to identify your passion so what you do doesn’t feel like work. Making your gift your job is important. From the marketing side, you have to be your own brand ambassador, don’t be behind the scene, come out and share your story so people can connect with you,” she advises.

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