5 Productivity Hacks To Help Get Through A Busy Day

5 Productivity Hacks To Help Get Through A Busy Day

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Trying to master a work-life balance can be exhausting. However, there are a few hacks you can try to get through a busy day

The one thing I have realised is that the older I get, the more time flies, so much so that some of us wish there were a few more hours in a day. Whether you are navigating your career with your other roles of being a partner, mother or friend, the list of things to do gets longer by the year. However, it is possible to be productive and get through a busy day. These are the hacks I use:

Start your day earlier: Yes, there is so much you can do by getting up or arriving at work an hour earlier. This will help you prioritise important things you need to get out of the way first. Since most of us work from home, being an early bird before the distraction from your family, especially children, will sure go a long way in getting a lot of work done.

Get the important tasks out of the way: If you have an assignment, project or meeting that might take up most of your time, make that a priority. This will make completing other tasks throughout the day a breeze.

Clean out your emails: Most of us have unread, notifications and even drafts that seem to not want to go away and pile up our work and even personal email accounts. Make use of your early mornings or dedicate a few minutes during the day to attend to your emails.

Plan your day the night before: One of the advantages of mapping out what your day will look like, especially when it comes to your tasks, like projects, assignments or appointments, will help you prioritise and be better prepared and organised for the day ahead. If you don’t know where to begin, make use of daily planners, diaries and even apps to help remind you of what needs to be done.

Take small breaks: Taking a coffee break or going outside for fresh air often helps rejuvenate your body and mind. It also helps you avoid small distractions, which you will pay attention to when you are tired.

Ask for help: As every woman knows, things can get overwhelming and exhausting. The days of glorifying the superwoman syndrome are long gone. Don’t be afraid to delegate and ask for help when you really need it. 

How do you remain productive during busy days?

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