The Dangers of Burning Bridges And How To Fix It


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When it comes to your career and other aspects of your life where you want to progress in, relationships are very important to maintain. Here’s why you shouldn’t burn bridges-ever

Life comprises of the kind of relationship we have with others. The healthier our relationship with our colleagues, clients, partners or friends the healthier the environment we find ourselves in is. But there comes a time where we won’t necessarily click with others or see eye to eye, and that is okay because not every relationship will be the same. What’s important is how civil we are to everyone. I believe that when you constantly burn bridges, you will find it hard to make it in life because many business deals and even career opportunities come from referrals and the kind of relationship you have with others. I am not saying that you have to suck up to toxic and abusive people, I mean you have to be careful with how you treat yourself as a brand. Burning bridges occurs when you cut people completely off your life and not on good terms. This often happens in the workplace. Many people have had horrid and traumatising work experiences with their colleagues and even bosses. Burning bridges in your career field makes it hard for you to have references and it often ruins your reputation. Life has no guarantees, some companies might sell you dreams they don’t live up to and things might turn out sour with people you once had good relations with but walking away civilly is a responsible thing to do for yourself. With that said, it’s important for you to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in instead of allowing people to walk all over you. Humility doesn’t equal being a doormat and tolerating abuse for the sake of not burning bridges. Of course it’s important to leave a bad work environment because it will affect you in the long term. You will not be as ambitious and productive and it will make you look bad. Leaving as early as you can, while things are still tolerable is important. I think you might save a company by sharing the real reason you are leaving during your exit interview. The main reason people quit their jobs is because of a crappy manager and no company wants to waste money by constantly hiring and training new staff. But no matter what, it’s important to be as professional as possible no matter how you personally feel about a person. There are people you have to cut off completely from your life and in that case, it’s necessary to burn bridges with those who are toxic for your well-being, success, and happiness.

But, it also happens that sometimes you are the one who digs your own hole by burning bridges with others. I believe that happens when you have too much pride that widens the gap of your relationship with others. In life we all screw up and if you refuse to forgive others, how do you expect others to forgive your mistakes? Life shouldn’t revolve around a particular person as well, and even yourself, it’s all about compromise and that’s one of the foundations that build lasting relationships. When you are the one who messed up it’s important to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. This shows that you take accountability for your mistakes and are willing to mend things. How the other party reacts is up to them, as long as you did your part in trying to mend the bridge you have burned. At the end of the day, your journey to success depends on who jumps on board and who you have to leave behind.

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