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5 Resolutions To Make And Keep In 2019 And Beyond

5 Resolutions To Make And Keep In 2019 And Beyond

The New Year brings with it a fresh start and somehow the need to make resolutions that we barely keep as we enter deeper into the year. Here are five resolutions to make and keep this year

We are days into 2019 and what better way to celebrate life than with the resolution to be a better version of yourself? I know I have been one of those, in the past, who made resolutions to maintain a healthier lifestyle and not swear in almost every sentence, but alas the temptations of life! Resolutions are defined as the firm decision to do or not do something. While I beg to suggest that you don’t need to wait for a new year to change for the better, it’s something I guess we have always been influenced to do. I don’t fuss about making resolutions on the eve of a new year anymore, but always strive to better myself every day. I do believe, however, that there are resolutions you need to make and keep to be content with your life. Here are my suggested ones below:

Improve and monetise your skills: We are all born with certain talents, which I believe are a map to help navigate our purpose in life. This year make the decision to better your skills through training and courses. If your nine to five has nothing to do with what you are passionate about, use your passion on the side to make more money. It can be singing at gigs, baking, or selling online courses. Be brave and creative in swelling up your bank account this year.

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Nurture your relationships: True friends and great partners are not easy to have. If you are blessed to have such people in your life appreciate them and nurture your relationships at all times. That call or catch-up lunch date can make all the difference in the world.

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Do a digital detox: This year, strive to have more emotional and personal connections with people instead of social media feeds. It’s always baffling seeing people glued to their screens at public places, like restaurants, instead of connecting in a meaningful way. Try to change that this year by putting your phone on flight mode when you go out with your loved ones.

Let go of toxic people: The rise and fall of someone is often determined by the company they keep. That is a motto I have had to learn in the past few months. Let go of people who don’t add value to your life and develop meaningful relationships with people who add meaning to your wellbeing and success journey.

Forgive more: This is one advice I know I have to practice myself. Forgiveness is not easy but it’s also not about the other person who has hurt you. Forgiveness is about healing yourself by letting go of the past you cannot change and the heavy weight it has on you.

What resolutions have you made that you still keep?



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