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5 Success Hacks For When You Feel Stuck In Your Life

5 Success hacks for when you feel stuck

We are two months away from wrapping up 2018. Here are success hacks you can try if you feel you haven’t progressed in your life this year

A new year always brings with it a new sense of hope for many people and if you are one of many people who make endless resolutions but give up few weeks into the year this article is for you. I believe that resolutions are similar but not exactly the same as goals. Goals come with strategy, planning, and discipline in order for you to achieve them, whereas resolutions are just decisions that you can change or give up at any given time. The road to success has never been an easy one and the beauty of it is that it’s unique to everyone as we all have different definitions of what success means to us. The common thing we seem to share, however, is that at some point we do feel stuck and overwhelmed and feel like life is not moving forward. Whether you didn’t get a job, that promotion or funding for your projects or not having your business move from the ground there are ways to keep you motivated when you continue your hustle. What ever you feel don’t make the mistake of giving up, but in the meantime here are success hacks for when you feel stuck:

Remember why you started: Intentions are a powerful motivator to fuel your passion or your desire to achieve something. Always back up your hustle with your why and that will keep you going one more time. Go back to the drawing board and figure out why you want to start that particular business, get that particular job or do a certain project. Your reasons should get you by.

Appreciate every milestone, no matter how small it is: There must be something you did that you must be proud of this year. Success, no matter the area of your life, is the accumulation of small milestones. Focus on your previous achievements as they should remind you that anything you put your mind to is possible.

Take a break: Either from social media or that project you have worked on for a long time. Feeling stuck can be a result of exhaustion, so give yourself at least this week to break away from what it is that is exhausting you. This is important for your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Take on a new challenge: Feeling stuck in a rut can kill the excitement of life. There’s a lot of things that wait to be discovered by you. Learn a new language, take a new short course, take a different route to work or travel the country. Challenge yourself to do what you’ve always wanted to do before the year ends.

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Avoid anything that weighs you down: The biggest thing to always avoid is to compare yourself with other people. Yes, your peers might seem to be doing well, getting married and building families while you might feel like the gods are not in your favour. Comparing your challenges with other people’s successes is a recipe for emotional breakdown. Instead, focus on your lane and replace any negative thought with positive affirmations. Success is not an overnight journey, but it’s definitely coming your way. Just keep going.

What do you do when you feel stuck? Share in the comments below

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