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Niki Minaj Takes a Stand Against Cyber Bullying With Diesel Campaign


The Barbie dreams hitmaker, along with other stars collaborate with Diesel’s new campaign to take a stand against cyberbullying

The dawn of ‘black Twitter’ and other online platforms that make people prone to cyberbullying necessitates and makes it refreshing to see this long-awaited campaign by Diesel, in which Niki Minaj stars in. The denim brand is releasing their Haute Couture campaign and partnered with celebrities that have found themselves the focus of online abuse and included hateful slogans directed to some of these celebrities in their new collection. Diesel worked with Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, and Jonathan Bellini to name a few, to help drive the message that “The more hate you wear the less you care.”

The brand, that is turning 40 this year, never shies away from creating awareness for raising social and political issues that have to be addressed. And in this age of digital media, it’s an overdue issue that has married into the world of fashion. The best part of it is that not only will it allow people around the world to personalise and wear the worse thing they heard about themselves (from 6 October) but it will be available at selected Diesel stores in South Africa and the proceeds from the sales will support the anti-bullying programs at its non-profit OTB Foundation.

Watch Minaj’s video below:

Have you experienced cyber bullying?

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