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Weekend Review: Calexico Restaurant, Johannesburg


Calexico Restaurant, in Johannesburg’s 44 Stanely is committed to serve as much great food as it is to its music and vibe.

If you thought you were lost when you have stumbled on Calexico, instead of Stanley Beer Yard in Johannesburg’s vibrant 44 Stanley you were actually at the right place. The name change was inspired by owners Larry Hodes and Michael Vacy-Lyle’s love for the American band, Calexico as well as the need to revamp the eatery. It’s a setting like no other that has a touch of Californian and Mexican ambiance to it. Not only is the restaurant is big on freshness, with hints of spicy appetisers, such as the Hot Artichoke and Jalapeno Dip with Tortilla chips it’s a great musical haven.  The menu, created by chef and food stylist Robyn Timson-Moss marries freshness and deliciousness. As a meat lover, I loved their chicken and sticky BBQ pork ribs which are packed with flavour; oh and their creamy mac and cheese is a perfect side dish that makes any meal a perfect combination. Their dessert, moist brownies or apple pies with Vanilla ice cream make for a perfect way to round up a meal. A combination of great music, drinks, and food is a perfect reason to try out Calexico if you haven’t been there yet. Don’t worry if you not big on alcohol as their spicy Mexican inspired virgin Mojito will add zest to your experience. Calexico has a homely vibe that will make you forget you are at a restaurant. Make a date for Thursday and Friday nights if you’d love the company of vinyl DJs to hype up the evening. And if live bands are your thing, Saturdays are a perfect day to visit the restaurant.

Make your way to Calexico, tucked away at 44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg. It’s one experience you and your loved ones will never forget. At least I won’t. 




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