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Weekend Review: What I Watched This Weekend- Blockers

Blockers Movie

Meet the three parents who’d do anything to block their teenage daughters from making what they think is the biggest mistakes of their lives

The movie opens with three parents, Lisa (Leslie Mann), Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) and Mitchel (John Cena) accompanying their daughters to their first day at school, where they meet and become best friends. Fast forward to their prom dance night the girls make a pact to lose their virgnity and the night couldn’t get any wilder when their parents find out about their decision after decoding teenage code (emoticons) on the laptop of Lisa’s daughter, Julie. The film has different elements that spice it up, from raunchy comic scenes to a bit of romance and ridiculousness spread throughout the movie. As much as the parents, who drifted apart over the years decide to form their bond because of their mission, their girls have been close since their childhood days. Lisa and Mitchel share a similar concern of being too attached to their daughters and fear losing relevance and the power to protect their every move, while Hunter stands by his approach of leaving the girls to make their own decisions. Little do the parents know that there is more to their teenage daughters than seemingly weak beings that need mom and dad every step of the way. The movie explores and addresses the issues of the double standards society places on both genders (that men are celebrated and encouraged to lose their virginity, while fear and guilt is attached to girls wanting to take the same decision). It also shows sexuality through the eyes of a teenager, as Sam is lesbian, and opens up to her estranged father, who saw the signs every parent has the eyes for. It’s humorous, light-hearted, and fun to watch. Kay Cannon (writer of all three Pich Perfect movies) couldn’t have made a great directing debut with this movie

Catch Blockers on Cinemas nationwide from Friday, 20 April 2018



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